Red Deer Of Exmoor

LA selection of some of my favourite images of the wild red deer on Exmoor.View more

Owls on Exmoor

Barn owl, little owl, tawny owl and the magnificent Short eared owl, all taken in the wild ! No tame birds here!       View more


Kingfishers, kestrals, buzzard, cuckoo and other bird species found on Exmoor either nesting or migratory.     View more

Roe Deer

One of my favourite types of deer and although reletively solitary and shy in the south west its always rewarding getting a great photograph of them View more


Foxes, badgers, stoat, wild boar and others are here with photos only of wild animals in their natural environment.          View more


Snakes including Adder and grass snake, also common lizzard. All wild animals found by myself.           View more


Coming Soon...

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