Television Credits

Johnny Kingdom's Safari                          ITV West  5x30"  Research / Sound / Additional Camera   

Johnny Kingdom "A Year On Exmoor"     BBC 2    10X 30"  Cameraman

Happy Birthday Mr Brunel                         ITV West 1x 30"  Cameraman

Johnny Goes To Scotland                         BBC2   1x 60"  Cameraman

Johnny's New Kingdom                            BBC2  10x30"  Cameraman

Changing Teachers -
Finland comes to England                        Teachers TV 1x30"  Cameraman

Animal 24 7                                               BBC1  1 x45"    Specialist cameraman

Mud Sweat And Tractors :                        BBC2  3 x 60"   Cameraman
(The Story Of Agriculture)                         (Grierson Award Nomination)

Shooting the War                                      BBC4   3 x 60"  Cameraman (UK)

Social Care TV                                         For web :-        Cameraman

Bovine TB - A way forward                       DVD    1x24"   Wildlife Cameraman

The Story Of The Sea                              BBC4   3 x 60"  Cameraman

Teachers TV - the Holocaust                    TTV      1 x 15"  Cameraman - Japan Prize Nomination

Johnny Kingdom : A year with the
 birds                                                         BBC2   1 x 60" Cameraman

Adventurers Guide to Britain                     ITV      1x30"   2nd Camera

Johnny Kingdom Wild About                    UKTV  5x30"  Cameraman
Worlds Wildest Weather                          C4       1x30"   2nd Camera

Johnny Kingdom and the bears
 of Alaska                                                  BBC4  1x60"   Cameraman
Johnny Kingdom's Wild Exmoor              ITV      4x30"  Cameraman                                           

Johnny Kingdom Bears of Alaska clip BBC/PBSAmerica


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